Our Programs

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We try to offer a variety of different supplementary options for organizations and schools, from drop-in group lesson's, camps for kids and resources for people looking for ways to inspire their kids with music. We work to fill the gaps in education to ensure that kids interested in music can explore their interests.

If you have a need within your school/community, reach out via the Contact Us button and we can attempt to fill the space that’s missing!

Music education resource

Sometimes it's not easy to know what resources to use when teaching theory, or where the best place to find sheet music is. We're here to provide you with instructor referrals, instrument connection, and even just questions about reading sheet music or hiring a piano player.

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Supplementary programming

The possibilities are endless, and our goal is to fill the need, whatever it may be. In the past, we have provided small group voice lessons, one-on-one production mentoring in Ableton and Performing Arts Day Camps for kids interested in enhancing their performance abilities.

Click GET IN TOUCH below to discuss potential class idea's you have for your program, or that you potentially would be interested in running!

Instrument connection

Instruments can get really expensive, but it shouldn't be hard for a family start their child on a road of passion. We have compiled a list of individuals looking to give up an instrument for a kid who is excited to learn. Click below to see our excel with the list of kids, and instruments, and maybe you can help us make a connection. Or, click LIST OF NEED if you have an instrument you'd like to donate!